Guest and Visitor Parking Policy

The campus parking program is a self-supporting entity and receives no state general funds to operate, maintain and construct new parking facilities.  All guest and visitors must pay to park on Campus unless advance arrangements have been made with the Parking & Transportation office.

To make arrangements:

  1. Departments will need to contact Parking & Transportation Services at least 72 hours in advance of the guests’ arrival on campus.  In most cases requests received less than 72 hours before the guests’ arrival or requests for daily permits for visitors not considered a guest, are subject to the daily parking fee.
  2. The following guests qualify for no-cost, parking permits:
    1. Guest speaker in academic courses;
    2. Donors and University Board Members approved by the Office of the President;
    3. Service providers with a state contract;
    4. Interview candidates for state positions.


Pro (Permit Request Online) system